Pennsylvania can’t continue to count on federal assistance in our budget priorities – including education.

Tom Wolf

Governor of PA

“The commonwealth ranks 45th in the nation in percentage of state funding for public education, and as a result, we have seen larger class sizes, fewer teachers, and vital program cuts. These cuts have made it more difficult for students to get a strong education in Pennsylvania’s public schools.”

Mike Crossey

President of the Pennsylvania State Education Association

“Anywhere in the state of Pennsylvania, the mandate is to restore the cuts to education. We need to give the schools the resources they need so every child in Pennsylvania can get a world-class education.”

Philadelphia Inquirer

Editorial Board

“Inadequate state funding has forced school districts across Pennsylvania to increase local property taxes to fill the gap. That may have worked fine in affluent districts with the tax bases to support the need. But not in poor districts like Philadelphia, Allentown, and Reading.”