More and more municipalities are voicing their support for SB 211, which would amend Act 111 and finally loosen the handcuffs on their ability to control their own financial futures.

Charles Gable

Manager, Gettysburg

Matt Candland

Manager, Carlisle

Bradley Gutshall

Manager, Indiana

J. Richard Gray

Mayor, City of Lancaster, PA

“From 2007 to 2012, police personnel expenses in Lancaster increased by more than 8 percent, despite a 14 percent reduction in the number of sworn officers. During the same time period, fire personnel expenses increased by 13 percent while the number of firefighters declined by 15 percent. This trend will continue until the General Assembly addresses the problems inherent to the Act 111 contract arbitration process.”

George Wolfe

Manager, Lower Paxton Township, PA

“The primary concern of most townships that have been through the arbitration process is that the financial impact an award may place on a community, including how it will affect our tax rate, bond rating or simply our ability to pay… are not considered when an award is made.”

Chambersburg, PA Town Council

Chambersburg, PA

“[Our arbitrator] has irresponsibly issued a decision wildly and unreasonably in favor of Chambersburg’s extremely already well paid firefighters. As a result, [his] decision will likely necessitate significantly higher taxes or fees for Chambersburg citizens; and Chambersburg has no recourse. This broken system is destroying municipalities across Pennsylvania and removing what should be exclusively local decisions from its citizens and their elected officials.”