The voices against the Constitutional Amendment to Article VIII of the Pennsylvania Constitution are growing. More and more citizens and businesses are questioning the nature of tax exemption in Pennsylvania and don’t want to see their taxes rise along with the number of profit-making entities qualifying as “tax-exempt.” It’s basic math. And for too many communities, it’s unworkable.

Rick Schuettler

Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Municipal League

“Every time we declare somebody is exempt, somebody else is paying for it. We just need a time out here.”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Editorial Board

“Across Pennsylvania, in large cities and small towns, elected officials and average taxpayers alike believe big nonprofits still should pay some tangible amount toward the cost of police and fire protection, road repair, snow removal and public education.”

Eugene DePasquale

Pennsylvania Auditor General

“Counties, municipalities and school districts continue to grapple with mounting financial challenges, while many nonprofits’ charitable work is financially dependent upon their property tax exemption. Pennsylvania is at a major crossroads in the decades-long debate over how to define and review the property tax-exempt status of nonprofit organizations.”